Reeves-Ellington Study Abroad Scholarship

Established in 1998 by Barbara A. Reeves-Ellington, MA ’96, PhD ’01 and Renate H. Reeves-Ellington. Two (2) recipients will be considered and selected according to these principles and the following guidelines: The scholarship will be awarded annually to a full-time or part-time student enrolled in the College of Community and Public Affairs who will be participating in an in person SUNY study abroad program. In the event that there are no qualified study abroad applicants from the College of Community and Public Affairs, secondary consideration may be for any matriculated student who will be participating in a study abroad program. International students participating in a study abroad program, in a country other than that of their birth or citizenship, will also be eligible for this scholarship.

An education abroad scholarship application is required. Students must have a FAFSA on file to demonstrate financial need according to federal financial aid guidelines. Recipients selected in the fall and spring. Visit the scholarship web page for more information, including deadlines, and to apply.