Horn Family Scholarship for Leadership & Academic Excellence

Established in 2018 by Keith Horn ’80. This scholarship will be awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need as determined by the FAFSA. The recipient must have a minimum GPA of 3.3, preference will be given to returning students in Harpur College of Arts & Sciences. Eligible students will be selected based on an application essay which describes their leadership qualities and the positive impact they have made on the community.

Today’s overall environment is a very troubling one. We live in a society that is polarized and increasingly partisan. Acrimonious division exists today in our society and in our system of government. Whether it involves disagreements over immigration reform, border security, tax reform, healthcare and so many other matters, our leaders today are driven more by their personal and party interests than they are in putting the interests of their constituents and the public citizenry first. This must change before the fabric of our society is forever and irreparably torn apart.

Students should submit their application to ljoggerst@binghamton.edu.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Tell us in your own words how you, as a future leader, would undertake to involve yourself in these matters. This is not to suggest that you run for public office; but how, instead, would you conduct yourself, as a leader, in bringing people together, bridging differences and focus on doing the right thing, as opposed to the politically correct or business-related expedient thing? What are your personal views as to the social and political environment that exists today and what are your thoughts as to how we might improve things over the next decade? Further, how would you conduct yourself as a leader, in your place of business, community or civic organization to broker consensus and cooperation? Lastly, tell us what this scholarship would mean to you. What are the traits, ambitions and leadership qualities of yours that stand apart from the others applying for this scholarship?